NEXI3 is the Research and Development division of CAD Concepts Incorporated. Our R&D focuses on Next Generation Information Integration Innovations, "NEX-I-3." CCI's strength is integrating the technologies we utilize to drive forward more efficient and effective workflows and processes. This division is focused on exploring and developing those processes and technology applications to provide our clients with industry leading solutions that work for them and their unique applications. Integration drives our R&D purpose as our information integration innovations in this division feed the services offered through the other divisions of CAD Concepts Incorporated: CCI Engineering Services and PDBiM


The integral symbol and 3 both nod to our endeavor to not only integrate technologies and apply solutions across industries, but also nod to the inherent nature of math and our subject of physical reality. Physical reality is complex, continuous, and ever changing. Integrals allow analysis and quantization of complex systems over time and space, including three-dimensional (cubed) volumes, and are symbolic of the field of Calculus as a whole. This is how we analyze otherwise difficult, complex systems to arrive at a "simple" solution. Our goal through NEXI3 and integrated reality, is to apply practical and insightful analysis and prediction of complex systems that might otherwise be too cumbersome or impossible to otherwise analyze, in order to make our services, products, and therefore daily lives better. 


Our R&D initiatives are driven by current industry and client needs. One of the developments we are exploring now is what we call TIBIA, or Thermal Imagery Bridge Inspection and Assessment.  


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Next Generation Information Integration Innovation initiatives can help you!


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 614-485-0670, email us at info@ccitechs.com, or fill out the following form.




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